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Columbus DSA stands in solidarity with those calling for Tim Ryan to remove his hate-inspired “One Word” ad

Tim Ryan may think echoing Trump-style generalizations will win him Republican votes, but using fear-mongering tactics against Ohio families will do nothing to grow the working class’ prosperity or keep those at risk of racist violence safe. It is simply unacceptable and abhorrent. In a time when Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders regularly face racially-based […]

Columbus DSA Statement on Redistricting

With the failure of the Redistricting Commission to meet yet another deadline, the state of Ohio is in a constitutional crisis. Redistricting is an inherently undemocratic act. Drawing arbitrary borders decade by decade determining which communities, municipalities, and counties are “together”, and therefore represented by a single person, always disenfranchises someone. The votes of entire communities are discarded from both the state legislature and U.S. Congress as party insiders draw boundaries to benefit themselves and only themselves. In Ohio, those in the Statehouse pick their voters, creating an undemocratic system of one-party rule which has passed reactionary laws the majority of Ohioans do not want or support.

The Ohio Budget

What is “The Budget”? Ohio’s government has four budgets it needs to allocate during each general assembly: Transportation, Capital Expenditures, the Bureau of Workers Compensation, and the operating budget. These four budgets added up divvy up approximately $128.3 billion of tax revenue and federal funds to every public agency, project, and investment in the state. […]

The Anti-Human Flaw in the Central Core of Capitalism

The capitalist market has produced some good fruit for some human beings and much bad fruit for the much of the world’s population across history. There is a deeper problem than this fruit. It is the way at its center it is based on a principle that hides human responsibility in the functioning of economics. […]

Socialist Anti-Racism Now and in the Past

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is an Anti-Racist organization. As we know, racism is a major challenge for our society and thus a concern for DSA. Some have called racism “America’s original sin.” Our chapter, Columbus DSA, seeks to challenge racism and realizes we need to increase our racial diversity. We begin with awareness […]

Ecosocialism Night School

Feeling climate dread about being climate dead? Our current historical moment is largely defined by globalized neoliberal capitalism and resultant planetary ecological crisis which makes for a scary time to be alive. After decades of failed UNCCC accords and faux market solutions, people are starting to make bold demands and take direct action, be it […]

January Socialist Night School Recap

On October 28, 2019, the fascist Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil. Bolsonaro and his supporters have incited attacks on the LGBT community, university professors, leftists, indigenous populations, and others who don’t cohere with their definition of a reactionary ethnostate. Descent into fascist barbarism can be thwarted only if the proletariat is successful in […]

DSA Columbus’ Founding

Editors Note: We’ll be running periodic articles on the history of DSA and the left in Columbus. Columbus State Community College (CSCC) hired me in the fall of 1987. Dean David Hockenberry later told me he had thought there should be at least one leftist on the faculty. My dissertation was called “The Idea of […]

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