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Organizations Call on Land Bank to Commit to Affordable Housing

Public land should be used for the public good. On January 25th, 2024, five local organizations sent a letter to the Columbus Land Bank making this demand and asking it to commit to reserving all its properties suitable for residential development for projects that are 100% and permanently affordable. The Columbus Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America authored that letter because we believe a just future depends on our public institutions committing to bold action in order to provide housing for all.

City Council chose Blackstone over the people

On Monday, July 24, 2023, Columbus City Council voted 6-1 to approve the American Campus Communities / Blackstone development proposed at 50 West Lane Avenue.

Blackstone is the largest corporate landlord in history. They own thousands upon thousands of properties across the United States and abroad. They have earned international condemnation for their aggressive rent hikes and use of eviction as a profit-making scheme.

Now, City Council has given them a piece of our city–and are poised to sweeten the deal even further by handing over the public’s money in the form of tax abatements.

Columbus DSA Housing Priority Campaign Statement in Support of Our Unhoused Neighbors

Access to safe, affordable housing is a right. However, the city of Columbus insists on letting a “market” dictate this basic necessity, where only individuals who have enough wealth to participate in the system can afford housing. The city’s reliance on handouts to developers instead of directly working to solve the housing crisis leads to residents becoming displaced by rising rents, inflated property values, and an ever-dwindling supply of affordable options. Housing does not belong in a market.

Housing Committee Statement on Rent Strikes

On April 1st tens of thousands of tenants, their incomes decimated by the pandemic, woke up without the means to pay their rent. Many more faced a choice between food, medical bills, utilities, or paying rent.  Anticipating this moment, nationwide petitions, Facebook pages, and other online groups have formed calling for rent strikes. A rent […]

Tenants’ Rights Working Group Work in Whitehall

Tenants’ Rights Working Group-View from the Ground in Whitehall Columbus DSA’s Tenants’ Rights Working Group has been working with the residents of a property in the City of Whitehall, where there have been consistent issues between landlord and tenants. Our knowledge of these issues has come directly from tenants. The following is a select accumulation […]

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