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Organizations Call on Land Bank to Commit to Affordable Housing

Public land should be used for the public good. On January 25th, 2024, five local organizations sent a letter to the Columbus Land Bank making this demand and asking it to commit to reserving all its properties suitable for residential development for projects that are 100% and permanently affordable. The Columbus Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America authored that letter because we believe a just future depends on our public institutions committing to bold action in order to provide housing for all.

City Council chose Blackstone over the people

On Monday, July 24, 2023, Columbus City Council voted 6-1 to approve the American Campus Communities / Blackstone development proposed at 50 West Lane Avenue.

Blackstone is the largest corporate landlord in history. They own thousands upon thousands of properties across the United States and abroad. They have earned international condemnation for their aggressive rent hikes and use of eviction as a profit-making scheme.

Now, City Council has given them a piece of our city–and are poised to sweeten the deal even further by handing over the public’s money in the form of tax abatements.

Statement on the Red Oak Community School Drag Story Hour

No one should ever feel threatened because of their sexuality or gender identity. As human beings, we all deserve safety, freedom, and joy. There is no room for joy in a culture that denies the existence of LGBTQ+ people or that subjects them to mass death for having dared to be who they are. We are finished ceding ground in Ohio to the far right. To counter the spread of fascism, we must build a unified left here in Columbus and abroad.

Columbus DSA Statement on the Murder of Donovan Lewis by Officer Ricky Anderson of the Columbus Division of Police

The murder of Donovan Lewis comes as the most recent in a series of local police killings of Black people, commonly young and/or unarmed. Columbus remembers the shooting of 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant by Officer Nicholas Reardon, the murder of 23 year old Casey Goodson Jr. by Deputy Jason Meade, and the assassination of 47 year old Andre Hill by Officer Adam Coy. The Columbus Dispatch recently reported that of the 62 Columbus police shootings since 2018, 19 have been fatal, and of the 19 people killed, 12 have been Black. Time and time again, local law enforcement have demonstrated that they are unencumbered by any concern for Black life.

Columbus DSA Housing Priority Campaign Statement in Support of Our Unhoused Neighbors

Access to safe, affordable housing is a right. However, the city of Columbus insists on letting a “market” dictate this basic necessity, where only individuals who have enough wealth to participate in the system can afford housing. The city’s reliance on handouts to developers instead of directly working to solve the housing crisis leads to residents becoming displaced by rising rents, inflated property values, and an ever-dwindling supply of affordable options. Housing does not belong in a market.

Columbus DSA stands in solidarity with those calling for Tim Ryan to remove his hate-inspired “One Word” ad

Tim Ryan may think echoing Trump-style generalizations will win him Republican votes, but using fear-mongering tactics against Ohio families will do nothing to grow the working class’ prosperity or keep those at risk of racist violence safe. It is simply unacceptable and abhorrent. In a time when Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders regularly face racially-based […]

Columbus DSA Statement on Redistricting

With the failure of the Redistricting Commission to meet yet another deadline, the state of Ohio is in a constitutional crisis. Redistricting is an inherently undemocratic act. Drawing arbitrary borders decade by decade determining which communities, municipalities, and counties are “together”, and therefore represented by a single person, always disenfranchises someone. The votes of entire communities are discarded from both the state legislature and U.S. Congress as party insiders draw boundaries to benefit themselves and only themselves. In Ohio, those in the Statehouse pick their voters, creating an undemocratic system of one-party rule which has passed reactionary laws the majority of Ohioans do not want or support.

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