The Coordinating Committee is composed of the two chapter co-chairs, as well as each other committee chair.

The Communications Committee manages all of the chapter’s social media accounts, press releases, and other materials for communication inside and outside the chapter.

The Community Committee coordinates mutual aid projects that support and empower working class people in Columbus.

The Education Committee coordinates political education events and programs for members of the chapter and for the broader Columbus community.

The Engagement Committee focuses on empowering our comrades to build power together. We work with other committees to motivate new members, identify leaders, and develop internal organizing skills.

The Housing Committee organizes working-class tenants in Columbus to challenge and dismantle the power of landlords, developers, and real-estate capital in our city.

Working Groups

The Labor Working Group is Columbus DSA’s home for discussing and addressing workplace issues. This includes forming bonds and material structures of solidarity with local labor unions and unorganized workers and educating our members about contemporary labor concerns and labor history

The Electoral Working Group is focused on supporting socialist candidates and policies in local, state, and national elections.

The Technology Working Group serves as the coordinator and support of chapter technology infrastructure, including the chapter’s website. 

The Ecosocialist Reading Group studies ecosocialist actions regionally and nationwide to build a green agenda for Columbus DSA.

The Intersectonailty Working Group focuses on addressing social justice issues and advocating against inequity and inequality.

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