Columbus DSA Housing Priority Campaign Statement in Support of Our Unhoused Neighbors

Access to safe, affordable housing is a right. However, the city of Columbus insists on letting a “market” dictate this basic necessity, where only individuals who have enough wealth to participate in the system can afford housing. The city’s reliance on handouts to developers instead of directly working to solve the housing crisis leads to residents becoming displaced by rising rents, inflated property values, and an ever-dwindling supply of affordable options. Housing does not belong in a market.

To this end, we affirm and support unhoused encampments in our city, including @heertoserve and @firstcollective614 located on East Mound Street. Unhoused communities are a direct result of the city’s market-based approach to the housing crisis. As long as the city persists in this approach, our community will have residents who cannot access housing. Until we have affordable housing for all, we must stand with unhoused neighbors who deserve the dignity to live as they can.

We demand housing justice for all.

In solidarity,

Columbus Democratic Socialists of America
Housing Priority Campaign

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