Columbus DSA stands in solidarity with those calling for Tim Ryan to remove his hate-inspired “One Word” ad

Tim Ryan may think echoing Trump-style generalizations will win him Republican votes, but using fear-mongering tactics against Ohio families will do nothing to grow the working class’ prosperity or keep those at risk of racist violence safe. It is simply unacceptable and abhorrent. In a time when Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders regularly face racially-based violence, Ryan’s ad further fans the flames of xenophobic Republicans who would rather deflect the criticism of America’s ruling class onto Asian Americans than be held accountable for their part in the decline of good-paying, union jobs.

The decline of Ohio’s manufacturing is not the fault of China, or any other nation, it is because Ohio’s political class is more focused on coddling big business donors and promoting the interests of Wall Street than building the power of workers in government and their workplace. No matter how much politicians want to blame other countries, the decrease in workers’ wages is a failure of capitalism and its enablers in government. When politicians serve the bosses and not the workers, Ohio manufacturing will always be at risk of disappearing, and the profits of Ohio’s labor will always be in the pockets of corporate CEOs.

Columbus DSA stands in solidarity with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of Ohio against racist attacks. We call on Tim Ryan to remove his disgusting ad, publicly apologize to the Ohioans he has put at risk, and change his campaign strategy to one that will actually promote workers’ interest: democratic ownership of their business.

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