Month: November 2019

How Much Say Do We Really Have in Local Democracy? Columbus City Council and the FCDP

Watching the Columbus City Council 2019 election unfold was an eye-opening experience.  While campaigning for Liliana Rivera Baiman, I knocked on hundreds of doors throughout the city. I spoke with countless working-class families and heard similar stories over and over. People felt ignored by the current local government. Instead of worrying about people who are […]

Conversation for Comrades: A Few Pointers on Having a Strong, Socialist Discussion

These tips will help you when talking with family, a stranger on a canvass, and with other leftists. Avoid fighting people when you want to fight ideas. Sometimes you have to step away from a conflict without winning, even when you’re right, and that’s okay. Avoid negativity. Someone’s politics may not be as developed as […]

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