Columbus DSA Logo in Pride Colors

Solidarity with TransOhio

The Columbus chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with TransOhio, and all others who have chosen to side with marginalized communities, in ending their partnerships and relationships with Stonewall Columbus.

It is easy to acquiesce to power, to side with the oppressors instead of the oppressed. It is easy to let our allies continue to make choices that contribute to the marginalization of those in the community, to not “rock the boat.”

Queer and trans people of color experience among the worst institutional oppression in Columbus, with the assaults on and arrests of the Black Pride 4 being an egregious example. It is, however, certainly not the only example, with so many in our city continuing to experience the brunt of structural violence every day.

When an institution like Stonewall Columbus decides to side with the powers-that-be — the police and the penal system — they do a monumental disservice to all the queer and trans people of color who did so much work in building the LGBTQ+ Rights movement, historically and today. Our struggles for liberty, equality, and solidarity are fundamentally tied together, and to side with the oppressor in any of them is to side with the oppressor in all of them.

It is our duty and our honor to stand with BQIC, TransOhio, and all who fight against the entrenched institutions of racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia. It is our duty and honor to stand with all who pursue a freer, more just society.

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