Community Committee Activities February

Three Meals on Wheels routes were delivered, which yielded approximately 25 meals total. Meals were also served at the Van Buren Center. A pantry to supply materials (e.g., non-perishable foods, gloves, socks, etc.) to people in need has been completed. We have items to stock the pantry but are accepting more donations. We are in need of locations to put the pantries. Please contact the Community Committee if you have any suggestions. The Brake Light Clinic fundraiser is set for 3/30/2019 from 7pm — 12 AM at Ace of Cups. The finalized lineup includes TTUM, Kali Dreamer, Raw Pony, Pale Grey Lore, Brujas del Sol, and Mixed Deuce, DJs Cat Socks, Justin Thunder Lager, and Neon Grey, and visual artist Scott H. A Faceboook event and fliers have been created and we strongly encourage everyone to help spread the word. The next Brake Light Clinic will occur on 5/18. After that we plan to have a Brake Light Clinic on the third Saturday of every month from May to October. Details for the clinics will be solidified over the next few months. Suggested locations for the brake light clinics are encouraged. The Brake Light Clinics in May, July, and September will be at C.R.A.C.K. House Ministries in Linden. We are hoping to have the June, August, and October clinics in neighborhoods in Hilltop, the south side, and the east side. On a related note, Joe and Matt from the Community Committee have been cooking and serving lunches at C.R.A.C.K. House Ministries at 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More volunteers are welcome and encouraged. Volunteers are typically done by 12:30. Our project to arrange a visit between children and their incarcerated parents is in progress and we hope to have it completed by Thanksgiving or Christmas 2019. We will be helping with the tenants union rally/picnic. Contact Jeremy if you would like to be included in the email thread to help plan our involvement. Finally, the Community Committee is looking for Chair candidates since the Chair will not be running for re-election.

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